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This template is used in articles to link to the related full-texts and in the full-texts it is used to link to the related articles.

In articles it is placed both on top and the end of the article. On the top it takes a shape like the{{about}} template setting place=top parameter, and in the bottom it is shown as a side box (without the aforementioned parameter). By default the page title is linked adding a "text:" prefix changing the namespace (it is useful when the title of the full text is the same as the article), but for specifying another full text it could be put after a pipeline.

In the full text page the template is placed on top of the page, confirming that the page is the full text of the title. Using pipelines up to 3 related article could be specified.


 | place =
 | for the... =
 | related article 1
 | related article 2
 | related article 3

for the...

This variable replaces the default text.

In Articles

By default, a page with the same title is linked in the text namespace (it's useful when the full text has the same title as the article, for example in supplications, sermons). For specifying another full text put it after a pipeline.


On the top of articles the template is used with the place parameter set to top this makes the template to change shape to something like the {{about}} template.

In Full-texts

Up to 3 articles could be specified as the related articles to the full-text, each following a pipeline.


|text:al-Nudba Supplication


Este artículo es una introducción a Fulltext; para leer su texto, veasé text:al-Nudba Supplication.


|text:al-Nudba Supplication}}
|for the... = There is a text related to this article, 
|text:al-Nudba Supplication}}
|Captives of Karbala
|Lady Zaynab
|'Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad
results in what could be seen in Text:Debate of Lady Zaynab (a) with 'Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad. The pipelines should not go to new line.